Regional Fuel Tax

The Auckland regional fuel tax scheme began on 1 July 2018, at a rate of 10 cents per litre (plus GST), on petrol, diesel and their bio-variants. This tax supports transport projects that would otherwise be delayed or not funded.

New regulations to the Land Transport Management (Regional Fuel Tax) Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2018(external link) came into effect for the Auckland scheme area on 21 December 2018. As of 1 March 2019, you can apply for the new entitlements outlined in the regulations.

What is regional fuel tax?

The regional fuel tax of 10 cents per litre (plus GST) applies to sales of petrol and diesel within the boundaries of Auckland Council (excluding Great Barrier Island).


The regional fuel tax will be applied from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2028.
The collection of the regional fuel tax will allow Auckland to fund a number of projects with positive social, environmental and safety impacts.


For information about these projects go to