Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuel Excise Duty?

Fuel Excise Duty is a tax imposed by the government. NZTA is responsible for
administrating refunds on behalf of the government. The current refund rate is 87.67 cents (including GST).
The refund includes excise or excise-equivalent duty, ACC levy and GST

Who’s entitled to a refund?

Commercial Operators who use petrol-powered equipment in their operations, B Registered and unregistered vehicles.

* Farmers using Petrol tractors/ATV’s /two wheelers etc

* Contractors using lawnmowers, hydraladas, chainsaws, generators,

* Commercial Charters operating Registered vessels or jet boats.

* Golf Courses

What fuels are eligible for excise refunds?

Petrol ('Motorspirits') CNG & LPG.

What fuel and fuel uses are not eligible for a refund?

Diesel, fuel used in motor sport, recreational boats, fully registered vehicles.

My accountant is doing this for me!

Accountants typically don’t process petrol refunds, but rather specialise in dealing with the Inland Revenue Department, Income Tax & GST Returns.

After my first claim, how often can I claim?

Claim refunds are made quarterly and paid quarterly.

Key dates are 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and
31st December.

How much can I expect to get back?

Currently you are entitled to 76 cents per litre used + GST

Once I become registered what do I need to do with my receipts or invoices for my fuel purchases?

All commercial fuel purchase receipts will need to be forwarded to us at the end of each quarter and with your consent, we can access your Fuel Purchase details from various suppliers on your behalf, saving you time!

What if I hire or rent Petrol machinery/equipment?

Not a problem,these can be included in your claims as long as proof of the Rental Agreement is supplied.

I'm already claiming Excise Duty Tax Refunds or have in the past claimed, can I register with Farm Refunds Limited to claim on my behalf?

Yes absolutely! Just Give Farm Refunds Limited a call, and one of our dedicated team members will be able to help.

What are your fees?

Farm Refunds Ltd charge a one off Registration Fee of $399 plus GST, for an on-site visit with one our Agents who will complete all the necessary forms with you and discuss the finer details of the Excise Duty Refund Process with you, or $299 plus GST for completing the Registration process remotely (via phone and email).

We take a 17% commission charge from your completed 2 Year Back Claim submitted on your behalf, and then from all quarterlies processed and submitted thereafter.  No Refund!  No Fee! 

We have a set Quarterly fee of $69.00 (incl. GST) for our Low user Clients claiming less than 450 Litres per Quarter. No other hidden costs.

Payment Terms

Farm Refunds Limited undertakes to pay all refunds owed to you within one week of receiving such refunds from the NZTA, minus commissions/fees charged.

Need more information, or would like to register then please click the link below.